The Qvintip® method - Easy, reliable, saves lives


Qvintip® is a self-sampling kit including analysis for high-risk HPV. Testing for high-risk HPV is especially important for women that do not have regular smear tests - 65% of cervial cancer sufferers have not had a smear test.

Cervical cancer can be prevented. Order your QVINTIP self-sampling kit here. It's reliable, convenient, easy to use, and saves time.

Cervical Cancer and HPV: Cervical cancer is caused by oncogenic Human Papilloma virus (HPV). If an HPV of a high risk type persists, the cellular changes can eventually develop into more severe precancerous lesions.

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Qvintip® is used in the comfort and privacy of your home and has in studies been deemed by women using it, to be the most comfortable self sampling device on the market.

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