Aprovix is a medical technology company with its registered office in Danderyd, right outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Aprovix was founded in 2001, based on an idea by Professor Erik Wilander of Uppsala University Hospital.


Until recently a senior management consultant and co-owner of a consultancy firm. Eight years of experience in business development and financial and operations analyses in health care. An MBA from the USA and a Ph.D. from Karolinska Institute in gene therapy, related to viruses and cancer. Proven innovator with track record of patents and entrepreneurial success.

Frida Hedman, Head of quality and regulatory

Previously life science consultant for 4 years and has also worked for 2 years in quality assurance at medtech start ups and at a large pharma company. Frida has a Masters in biotechnology from Lund Sweden Technical University and Biotechnology Engineering & Business at UCSD in California.

ERIK WILANDER, Medically responsible

Erik holds certifications as MD; with specialist certifications in Clinical Cytology and Surgical Pathology. Between 1985 and 2010 Erik was Chairman of the Department of Clinical Cytology at the University Hospital in Uppsala and Professor in clinical pathology from 2001. He has initiated and taken part of 280 publications in scientific journals; mainly in endocrine pathology, clinical cytology, cervical cancer and HPV related diseases. First to use dry self–sampling kits to women for HPV screening and inventor of Qvintip®.